Automatic Fare Collection System

The AFCS has been widely used in many highly successful transit systems around the including the Philippines to improve efficiency and prevent commuter fraud.

The POWERKART AFC solution offers and efficient, cost-effective, cashless payment solution based on contactless smart cards as fare media payment system.It can be expanded to other applications such as parking, cinema, road toll, trains, buses, jeepneys, retail shops, and convenience stores

Key Functions:


System Components

1. Data Sync

- synchronize a Sunmi V2 Pro device to a bus during dispatch

2. Departure Setup

- establish trip and return trip

3. Issue Passenger Tickets and Article Sales

- records sales whether paid through cash/NFC

4. Perform Ticket Validations, Voids, and Refunds

- retrieve data and reprint feature

5. Conduct Inspections

- current passenger count, half tour, and complete inspection reports

6. Expense Record

- record operational costs

7. QR Code Validation

- feature is available in all Sunmi handheld device

8. X-Reading and Z-Reading Reports